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Hong Kong Airport Shuttle Bus

Hong Kong International Airport is well served by public bus routes, taking passengers to and from most parts of Hong Kong. Comfortable and relatively inexpensive, they offer a convenient transport option from Hong Kong Airport to major districts in the city .Hong Kong Airport shuttle buses are divided into different routes, "A" Routes (Airbus Services), "E" Routes (External Bus Services), ...

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Other travel options from the Hong Kong Airport

The Airport Express is almost always the best and quickest way to get to the city. In a taxi it’s a long ride and it will take longer than the train. If you’re concerned about finding your hotel, take the Airport Express and catch a taxi at the other end. If you aren’t in a rush, it is worth considering ...

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Paying and tickets for the Hong Kong Airport Express

There are a number of ticket options available for riding the Airport Express. If you’re in Hong Kong for more than a couple of days the best advice is to get yourself an Octopus Cards. These pre-paid travel cards let you swipe in and out of most transport in the city. You can purchase a card from the manned ticket ...

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