about Hong Kong

The Avenue of Stars is the eastern node of several tourist attractions along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. In addition to the promenade and New World Centre, a number of attractions exist including the Museum of Art, Space Museum, Cultural Centre and the Clock Tower.

There are 73 movie celebrities' tablets inlaid on the surface of the avenue. 30 celebrities also left their handprints on their tablets, including Jackie Chan, Jet Lee, and Andy Lau. One of the most popular attractions on the Avenue of Stars is a two-meter-high bronze statue of the world's most famous martial arts actor, Bruce Lee. Hong Kong was the starting point of his movie career. He left here for Hollywood and made several very famous Kung Fu movies enjoyed by audiences around the world. 

Avenue of Stars is a free attraction that can be visited any time of the day or night. It's especially lovely in the evening when it's illuminated with tons of twinkling lights.

The promenade at Tsim Sha Tsui also provides a stunning view of the harbor and is an especially good place from which to watch the nighttime Symphony of Lights, a must-see for visitors to Hong Kong. The atmosphere here is always lively, with around 30 performances, including music, drama and dance, organised each month. This is also the perfect vantage point to catch the A Symphony of Lights 

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